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Альбомы / Albums
Infuzoria - "Soulstream"
Frgmnt 029
Infuzoria - "Supermarket"
Mixed by MaxNRG
Infuzoria - "Sleeping Gods"
Infuzoria - "Auroral Storm EP"

Infuzoria - "Flashback EP"


Wellcome to site of Infuzoria

Infuzoria - D'n'B group from Kharkov (Ukraine), created in 2002. The project Infuzoria includes three people: Crypton, Impact, Hexal.

Crypton, Impact и Hexal

The project participants had been composing music separately on their own since about 1999. The character of main sound and style of the music now can be called as experimental atmospheric / intelligent / soulful / liquid / drumfunk d-n-b, and also some variations in other sub styles of d'n'b. The amount of artwork already done comprises more than several hundreds compositions, some of which have already been released within some compilations and mixes of DJ's on the territory of Ex-USSR countries (Road Block rec./Russia - St.Petersburg; Mastik rec./Russia - Moscow; Virus Production/Ukraine - Kiev; DNBSession rec./ Ukraine Kiev-Lviv; Fragments rec./ Ukraine Kiev; Deformed Soundz rec./Ukraine - Kiev, etc.). "Infuzoria - Soulstream" (mixed by DJ Nitro) /CD album/ released on Fragments in July 2005. "Infuzoria - Supermarket" (mixed by DJ Max NRG) /CD album/ released on DNBSession in September 2006.

In December 2006 Infuzoria tracks are about to come out on Camino Blue rec. Infuzoria has been playing its sets in cities of Ukraine (Kharkov, Kiev, Lvov, Uzhgorod) as well as Russia (Belgorod ). Infuzoria played with various known DJs and producers such as: Noisia, Limewax, Paradox, DJ Gvozd, Sunchase, Paul B, Kind of Zero, Implex, Sounds of Infinity, Purple Unit, Derrick & Tonicka, DJ Nitro, Medium, Research, DJ Stinger and more others.

DJ's support: P.B.K., LTJ Bukem, jx3p, DJ Nitro, DJ Denny Roll, DJ Max NRG, DJ Tonika. The people of Infuzoria were one of the main initiators of creation of "Subbunker" club in Kharkov.

Crypton, Impact, Hexal are also the participants of IBS Faction group (techstep / technoid / mainstream d-n-b).

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